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why blondly?

It was 1958 and a young woman stood behind the counter of a small town hardware store. Her toddler wandered up and down the aisles, chatting with the customers as she tried to keep up with a new baby on her hip.

She had to know the difference in a Phillips and flat head screwdriver, remember customers by name and watch over her young children – all while keeping her perfectly coiffed blonde beehive in place.

The woman running that small town hardware store was my grandmother. The baby on her hip was my mother.

Since I was a little girl, my Grandmother has taught me the lessons that a lifetime as an entrepreneur provided her. Most grandmothers may not teach the valuable lesson of accruing interest to their 5 year old grand daughters – but mine did. And while I wasn’t always grateful for these – at times odd – words of wisdom, I see now the value in the lifetime of knowledge she poured into me.

My Grandmother has always been one for breaking the status quo in favor of doing things her own way. And if there’s anything I hope we’re known for at Blondly – it’s doing things differently.

So whenever we’re asked, “why blondly?”, our answer is always the same.

It all started with her. A young mother with a blonde beehive running a small town hardware store. And we hope to grow up to be like her.

– shannon


Dedicated to Differentiating

In a crowded digital landscape, it’s essential to stand out.

We’re based on the principle that every company has a key differentiator – and we’re here to help you find yours.


Committed to Consistency

We’re committed to consistency for the brands we serve.

From websites, to social, to email signatures – we’re obsessed with ensuring your company is consistent.


Culture of Confidence

We’re confident in the clients we work with and our choice to work with small businesses.

We’re confident in choosing to tell stories rather than make flashy campaigns. We know who we are and what we do – and it makes all the difference in our work.




office supply hoarder. yellow enthusiast. serious about sparkling water.

Shannon is an experienced marketing and communications professional. Driven by her love of small business owners, she started Blondly in April 2020. Shannon takes great pride in providing exceptional service tailored to the small businesses Blondly serves. Shannon received a BA in Journalism from The University of Oklahoma and a MA in Communication, and an MBA from Dallas Baptist University. As an entrepreneur, Shannon’s goal is to equip every brand with the tools to tell its story.




dedicated doodler. art addict. intense about taco tuesday.

Brittany is our Graphic Designer at Blondly. From Unique logos and beautiful illustrations to layouts or brand designs, Brittany brings a face to the stories we tell. Brittany completed her undergraduate degree at Texas Tech University and graduated with a masters in architecture from Texas A&M. She loves art of all kinds, is a reality tv junkie, and can be found doodling every day of the week. 




local coffee lover. ‘gram goddess. fluent in sarcasm.

 Sammie is our Marketing Assistant. From writing to designing, editing, and research – she does everything to support our clients at Blondly. Sammie is currently studying Marketing as a senior at Stephen F. Austin University. She has held several previous intern positions in the marketing and legal fields. Sammie curates her swoon-worthy Instagram feed and scouts out local coffee shops in her free time.




bottle cap bandit. day napper. eye roll expert.

Norman is head of humor at blondly. Although he is the smallest member of the team, no one has told him – and he still firmly believes he is in charge. Norman is committed to daily naps and “night night” treats. He invites friends, fans, and others to follow his daily adventures with the blondly crew on his Instagram. @normantheintern